#TakeYouThere Manifestation of Self Expression

“Do you ever wonder how i get here? This is how i do it.”

That is the perfect statement to open this campaign. #TakeYouThere is a new MKS’ campaign. In collaboration with Isha Hening, a Motion Graphic Artist & VJ, we created a collection that manifests self-expression as the ultimate way to reach your goal, your dream destination. Why do we need this? This is the way we encourage you to be unapologetically, fearlessly, consistently express yourself.

Having the need for achievement, need for belonging and need for power are some of the most common motivations in life. Motivation isn’t lasting, but you should do it daily to keep moving, no matter what. It is what drives you towards your goals.

Reaching your destination is possible by consistently wanting to be better. By consciously making room for growth and have the hunger to master your craft. Which means, to constantly express yourself. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, challenge yourself. Keep doing what you’re doing, while being open to changes, wherever life takes you. Keep going. Keep pushing forward. You will get there.

By launching this campaign, we present to you new collection’s line up in fresh designs. This is one of the way we express ourselves, and we hope you can feel the spirit, be triggered and get motivated.

Get ready to surprise yourself.

Get set and be intentional about it.

Go where your heart tells you to go.

Your ambition will take you there

Your passion will take you there

MKS’ will take you there.

This collection is now available online at www.mksshoes.com and in store at MKS’ Store Jakarta (Pondok Indah Mall, South Skywalk 2nd Floor) and MKS’ Store Bandung (Jl. Gudang Selatan 88, Bandung). Get yours now, click here.




Grand Opening Toko Baru di Pondok Indah Mall
#TakeYouThere Campaign Media Preview

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