What Makes Us Women

Apa sih definisi “Perempuan Ideal” yang sebenarnya? Seberapa sering kamu menerima pertanyaan atau statement yang mempertanyakan keotentikan kamu sebagai perempuan? This campaign starts from this.

#WhatMksUs is a manifesto to our stories, our strengths, our weaknesses, our unique and magical experiences, things that bother us, things that hurt us, things that never fails to make us smile, things that makes us, women. This is a movement to support women in their daily life struggles. The internet world can be a cruel world for women to express their expressions, that’s why we feel the urge to remind each other to always be brave to express our thoughts, feelings and stories by celebrating and embracing all the unique stories of being a woman.

This year is the year to start being there for each other.

To lift each other up, and empower one another.

This year is the year we start empowering women, the MKS’ way.

Women are our primary source of inspiration in making shoes/sandals. It is our passion. Not just the shoes/sandals but also the strong humans who wear them. We understand that every step in your life is important, so we try to provide consistent support for you. We venture to always create something fresh, because we believe that all types of shapes, all kinds of feet, all sorts of women matter. Our goal is for women to be heard and their steps to be blunt and fearless. Let’s start Moving! #WhatMksUs

Alongside 4 fresh, passionate, consistent and fearless women, we ignite conversations to happen, to open our arms wide open for every woman who seeks for a destination to express her expressions.

“Bisa agak tenang gak ya?

“Cara berdirinya kok begitu sih?”

“Cara ngomongnya kok gini?”

“Kenapa sih berubah-ubah terus?”

Now we all have the answer to these unstoppable questions, “That’s what makes us women.”

Express your thoughts, your feelings, your unique and magical stories with us. Stay connected, let’s move together and cheers to us, cheers to all women. Click here

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