Essential Dressing Up with “A World of Girls”

Does anyone here still use a single-use plastic bag to carry things around? If yes, girl you need to evolve! This is the era of “consciousness”. What we choose to buy, eat, and wear has to be related & responsible in breaking the chain of covid-19 and keeping the earth away from further natural catastrophe.

What we’re going to talk about here is, the new formula of dressing up. What you put on your body from head to toe, what you bring inside your bag, where do you go for lunch or a quick coffee break, it all has to be “appropriate” to the new standard of 2021’ lifestyle.

Meet Bella & Hanny, our pretty friends from “A World of Girls”. As a generation of hustlers, they run here and there carrying a lot to think and to do. Let’s take a look at what they wear from head to toe, what are their essential things for everyday life, and what has changed in their life after pandemic.




Hi Bel & Han, can you describe to us your “Essential Dress Up” today?

Bella: Since I’ll be working at the office most of the day I always try to prioritize comfort above all else. Good thing I work at a startup cause they’re pretty lenient with the dress code 🤓😉

Today I’m wearing pleated corduroy stretch pants because they’re extra comfy and warm, along with a white and blue striped button up shirt to look more put-together. Then I added an extra layer with an oversized sweatshirt. 

Best thing about my office dress code is that we get to wear any kind of footwear so I went with my go-to Famina Sandal in Blue cause I can easily put it on when I rush out the door!

Hanny: Since I work from home almost every day, I do try to dress up a little bit when I’m going out, sometimes I also dress up at home just to make me feel good about myself and tricking my brain into thinking that I’m out and about.

I looove the comfort of wearing flowy dresses, so today I’m wearing this pretty green madras dress. I actually just bought it a couple of days ago, I haven’t really bought a new non-essential clothing item for more than a year, so this would be my first purchase! I’m also wearing the beads necklace my friend made.

 The weather is a bit chilly today so I’m pairing the dress with my oversized thrifted sweater, and of course my essential Famina sandals!! I rediscovered my love for dressing in colors recently and these sandals came at just the right time, and it’s comfortable and easy to clean! +100

Bella: I’ve become more conscious in my spending because I also don’t have that much room in my closet for extra stuff. When I buy something I think about how long this item would last me, and if I’d still wear it in 5 years time. 

Since all these apps and ads have made it so easy to find some “cute-new-item” in a single click, I try to carefully think if I like something just because it’s trendy or will I still love wearing it once this trend fades away?

Hanny: I started doing mindful consumption a couple of years ago, and the pandemic has definitely emphasized this practice for me. Not just in terms of my closet but also my daily consumption, which is why I bring my own bottles, coffee cups, cutleries, and foldable shopping bag when I go out.

It’s very easy to fall into the prey of personalized ads and buy things in an instant, but we need to think about how our modern shopping behaviours are paid with great environmental and cultural cost. I try to put more values into the items I own and do decluttering to make sure that they still serve values in my life and will be used by others who may need them, even after I no longer do.

Check more about “A World of Girls” on instagram and listen to their amazing sessions on spotify podcasts.

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