#IStandOnMyself – A Story About Crossing Boundaries with Avinindita

#IStandOnMyself is the way MKS embraces young women who survives and become more stronger ever when time is hard like now. We ask view from #MKSPeople inspiring story, and hoping the positive spirit can also electrify your soul.

xoxo, MKS.

“Yes, #IStandOnmySelf . While listening to Me, Myself, and I from Beyonce as the ultimate jam of all these, staying productive and happy is all that I need.”

She said, when we were asking about what she’d been doing during this pandemic. Being productive seems like a competition amidst this situation, where people will guilt-trip us if we just staying at home and do nothing. But, the key to productivity is not to take it as a burden. Rather, to make ourselves happier and our mind healthier. That’s why, try to be productive on the things that you love and make you happy!

Here, meet with Dita, a medical student who is also an illustrator. From her story, you’ll know how you can combine the things that you love and the things that’s productive. (You can also find her on the instagram here: @vinlestie or her art project: @dita.jpg).

On staying productive:

“Simply being reflective on current progress and making room for improvement by taking notes and making a good system of learning by visual aids. On the other note is responding and taking actions to current situation by helping to provide public health education for everyone.”

Dita with Her Illustration

In her daily life, Dita incorporate her illustration skills with her medical notes. This resulted in a lot of illustrated mind map that helped her (and her friends) to study. I think you all already know how visual aids can help you in better memorizing things, right?

By choosing to be a doctor, it doesn’t stop Dita in doing what she love. Even more, she’d able to do what she loves as an escape from the daily routine.

We all agree that this pandemic really do stress us out. Staying at home that supposed to help us recharge our energy have shifted to a burden. That’s why, it’s not a sin to do regular check on ourselves to stay happy. Here are some other tips from Dita on how to stay happy (thus, being productive).

On staying happy :

  • Do physical activity, at least, releasing the tension after hours on computer. Cobra pose is my favorite!
  • Keeping my gut healthy for a happy me! Do you know that we actually have three brains? The brain-heart-and gut! By consuming prebiotics, we help our gut stimulating release of serotonine from our brain.
  • Trying out new things, mine is cooking Indian dishes for the fam!
  • Practicing mindfulness. Stoicism is my personal ammu.
  • Rejuvenating myself. Everybody has their own way. Mine? Americano in the morning, putting playlist as morning booster, randomly dancing around my working desk before doing the actual work.
  • Reflecting on things. My head is a jungle sometimes. Pouring it all is good and and I keep it private to myself so far by writing poems.

Wow that seems like a lot of activity!

But, if we take a look closely, it’s just various simple day-to-day things that we can do effortlessly. Like drinking yoghurt (prebiotics) that stimulate the release of serotonine (it’s a hormone that can help us to stay happy!). Or a morning coffee to kickstart your mood booster. Even a random dance if you started to get sleepy when working on your desk.

Ps. We also offered a discont 50k voucher by using code: ISTANDONMKS to make you happy. The vouchers are limited only to 20 people until 9th August 2020!

On final note, Dita would like to say something that resonates with the spirit of Ghillie All Black as her choice of sandals:

“All in all, quoting the UN, some that we can do besides keeping hygiene in check : spreading kindness and demonstrating solidarity in this shift!”

#MKSStandTogether #IStandOnMyself

Share us your thoughts on being happy and productive on the comment below!

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