#IStandOnMyself – A Story About Shifting Lifestyle with Syifa Puspasari

#IStandOnMyself is the way MKS embraces young women who survives and become more stronger ever when time is hard like now. We ask view from #MKSPeople inspiring story, and hoping the positive spirit can also electrify your soul.

xoxo, MKS.

A Story About Shifting Lifestyle

From Syifa Puspasari

Owner of Earth Major

We have been in the new normal period for more than a month by now. The “new normal” have began to shift to a “normal”, right? Because whatever we adapt to our lifestyle since the start of this pandemic have turned to a normal routine to our lifestyle.

Most of you will have probably aware on how small culinary business popped up like mushrooms. Or how people have started home gardening. There are even some people that raising catfish at home.

Here we have Syifa (@syifapuspasari), the owner of Earth Major (@earthmajor) and have a little chat about how her lifestyle shifted during this pandemic.

For Syifa, the activity of being at home all the time is to search for something to do to connect and help herself busy. One of the thing that she did is to draw a lot and explore new style of techniques. Art, be it sketching or doodling has always been therapeutic for Syifa, especially during this lockdown. Drawing have offer her a gateway to a more peaceful and happy place.

Syifa’s Sketches and Doodles

Just like everyone, a healthy lifestyle have also been one of the things that’s changing in Syifa’s life. Started to be more aware of her own health, she started exercising. If you are also interested (and we highly recommend you to) in exercising, you can start by easy exercise like a 1000 steps a day. Take your running shoes and go for a morning walk for an hour to reach that 1000 steps goals. You can also step up your game by doing some home workout from youtube like Chloe Ting’s or Emi Wong’s.

Another comforting activities that Syifa do at home is gardening. Gardening during this new normal situation is so comforting. The feeling to see those plants growing are amazing, right? Just like Vira Talisa with her new love to plants.

That’s how Syifa’s life have been changing during this pandemic! A shift to a healthier and mindful lifestyle through exercise, art, and gardening. How about your story? Share your ISTANDONMYSELF story about shifting lifestyle with us!

Syifa with Eztec Ivory Yellow

Add some new routine in your new normal lifestyle for a twist in your daily routine, just like the popping yellow colour in our Eztec Ivory. Let us adapt and overcome this situation together!



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