#IStandOnMyself – A Story About New Self with Vira Talisa

#IStandOnMyself is the way MKS embraces young women who survives and become more stronger ever when time is hard like now. We ask view from #MKSPeople inspiring story, and hoping the positive spirit can also electrify your soul.

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A Story About New Self

From Vira Talisa

Remember the days when we wished we can stay home all day? Well, now we got it. But sadly, on such a different tone.

But, what’s done is done and as an independent woman, all we have to do is move forward and adapt! When we look into the bright side, this quarantine also forces us to spend more time with our beloved ones—and ourselves. Many use this opportunity to explore what’s within themselves: the hobby that they’ve always been dreaming of doing, that workout routine that they’ve never got the time to do, or maybe just chill out and refresh our mind.

In just three months of quarantine (whoops, it’s already that long??) aren’t we feel like we are a new self now?

This time, we have an honored guest to share their story of becoming a new self after this quarantine. It’s your beloved musician—Vira Talisa! Started off her career by uploading her cover in Soundcloud, now Vira have successfully published two albums titled Vira Talisa and Primavera. Having a career in art industry have always been what Vira knows ever since she was a child.

As we all know, this pandemic has made every shows cancelled. That’s why, as a musician, it also greatly affecting Vira’s career. Realizing that this situation will not get better soon, therefore, Vira and other fellow musician started to discuss on what they should do to adapt in this situation. One of it is creating a fun online activity.

If you are on Instagram, I’m sure some of you have seen Kelas Perancis filter. Because Vira took her college in Rennes (a city in French), French is one of her fluent language. The ideas of having her teach us French are supported by her friends, that’s why she created this fun filter and mini online classes. Another positive thing that you could do when staying at home.

Now, away from the gadget, Vira also done some at home activity such as planting plants. Therapeutic activity that most people took within this pandemic have also taken Vira’s interest. Vira usually start her day by watering her plants and absorbing some sun to increase her energy level. Which resulted in getting more ideas for her upcoming projects!

Vira Talisa with her beloved plants

As the new normal finally becoming a new normal, Vira has a message for us all. A kind of message that we would like to say to our old self—before this new self:

Vira Talisa with Fido Black

“Stay healthy, pola hidup harus benar, dan harus bertanggung jawab dengan kesehatan sendiri. Tetap bangun pagi! Gunakan waktu ini untuk nourish diri kita, perbanyak skill dan ilmu kita. Aku sendiri sekarang jadi memperbanyak latihan dan nggak melewatkan satu hari pun tanpa membaca. Padahal dulu latihan kalau cuma mau manggung aja. Kita nggak tahu ini selesainya kapan, jadi kalau bisa kita memberdayakan diri.” – Vira Talisa

So, that’s a wrap!  On a final note, just like the spirit of comfy Fido Black, we hope that we can be comfortable at our home and be a better new self after this quarantine period ended. Keep stay at home, stay safe and stay healthy.

You can view the full interview with Vira on our IGTV.

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