10 Reasons of: Why You Should Go for Basic Every Time

We’ve been developing Basic shoes and sandal over years with the team, and now wondering why do we like basic things so much?

This deal is getting serious cause in the world full of colorful flag (recently) why do we keep choosing black, grey and brown all the time. I know, right? You feel this too!

These are the undeniable not-so-facts about why we should go for basic all the time:

  1. First thing first, it’s an easy solution for everything. Period.
  2. Put it on during day time, add a little twist and you’re ready for a night out.
  3. Basic color BLACK, has been awarded as the best color of all time! (MKS Team Award. LOL!)
  4. Basic things can be paired from head to toe: Basic White Shirt + Basic Blue Jeans + Basic Hi-Lo Boots Grey.
  5. It’s summer and there’s a lot of thing to do for fun, don’t let your confusing mix & match ruin your easy breezy day and go for basic sandal like Emora.
  6. In many occasions, you have to look sweet but strong at the same time, wear basic shoes like Hi-Lo Boots Brown to a meeting for the perfect impression.
  7. Remember: “Less is More.”
  8. According to the latest Mercury Retrograde, wear simpler thing to avoid the anxiety virus. We recommend you Bow Sneaker Black and White, your feet need to relax!
  9. When your mom tells you to clean the shoes on Sunday, say this “Mom, i go for black, and nothing can touch it.”
  10. We have dozen pairs of basic, there’s nowhere to find more besides www.mksshoes.com.





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